As a young athlete, I was always looking for my competitive edge.  What could I do that would set me apart from the competition.

Through my time at Pacific Lutheran University, I learned how to improve performance through the body and mind, and took these lessons to the lacrosse field.

After graduating, I knew I wanted to help others improve their level of performance.   This journey has led me into a lot of different avenues of performance, coaching high school lacrosse, physical therapy, as well as sports performance.

It comes to training, to having a plan and strategy to reach your goal.  Whether that is making the team or restarting your performance journey.  Those goals are within your grasp.

Let’s make a plan to get started 



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Box & Burn Level 1
DVRT Restoration
Bioforce Conditioning Coach



“Training harder means that you show up everyday, with a positive mind and a goal, and that you do whatever it takes to reach that goal.  It means that you have to adapt to how your body feels and find out what it needs so that you can finish in better shape then when you started.  It means competing with yourself and with everyone else around you.  Most importantly, it means having fun during the process.  Training harder is the best way to train.”

-Joe Simmons